Hi again,


When I started working on The Viking and the Ninja last year, my life was kind of down and I felt like it needed a fresh reboot. I hadn’t worked on any game for a while and wanted to start drawing pixel art. I decided to start a project on my own and let go off any rules. This would be my game and it would include things that I enjoy, literally.


That’s why the story takes place in five towers with themes based on my hobbies. The protagonists, Birger the viking and Jackie the ninja, are at first enemies but then forced to cooperate for a common goal. Their mission is to beat the trials of these five towers.


The story of the game was completed rather quickly, but the graphics – not so much. I’m still working on them. I use MS Paint, Paint Shop Pro and an app on my Android phone called Pixel Art. Here is an enemy sprite I made using the app.




I’m progressing fast and should be done with them soon. Then it’s not much left to do for the rest of the game, except for the programming and sound. Should be quick.


That’s all for now!

Take care,




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