Hi again,


Since this is the first project where I draw pixel art, it’s a big learning process. When making pixel art for retro systems, you can’t just open a drawing program and pick any colours and sprite sizes you like. In the case of Sega Mega Drive,  the master palette has these 512 colours:




Sprites can be of various sizes up to 32×32 pixels (sprites bigger than that are multi-jointed sprites). Background tiles are of 8×8 pixels in size, but it’s possible to draw them bigger and joint them as well. I draw mine in 16×16 pixels. The resolution can be either 256×224 pixels in size (like SNES) or 320×224 pixels in size. I use the latter, and the 64 right-most horizontal pixels are the HUD.


All the major characters in the game have a portrait. I decided to make this in the same size as the portraits as in Pier Solar, 48×48 pixels. Here is one of them. It shows the shop owner of the game. An associate of mine asked to be in a game I work on, so I granted his request and put him in. As he owns a shop in real life, it fits having him doing it in the game too.

Shop guy portrait sdsdsd.png


That’s all for now.

Take care,




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