Hi again,


Hope you are having a great day!


I’ve briefly explained the project and showed some graphics. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I don’t think I’ll show much else. Instead, I will talk about my progress. I can tell you the background image at the top is from one of the cutscenes of the game though.

Today, after a few hours of struggling in Paint Shop Pro, I touched up and finished a tileset I wanted to get back to. It is of the village of the game. I feel like the architecture of the houses is quite unique for a game like this, and the palette is also unlike anything I’ve seen in a Mega Drive game. Hope that’s a good thing! Making palettes is a PITA for me, but I get better and better.

When testing my tilesets, I use this program: http://www.mapeditor.org/
Check it out! It’s a free to use map editor. While it’s nice to test with, I won’t be using Tiled when I make the maps for the game, as I’m pretty sure it’s not compatible with Mega Drive code.

At work, I started on an NPC sprite in the app I mentioned earlier. Small sprites are the only things which can be done on the phone, and it’s not as user-friendly as working on a desktop, but when you have a few minutes of dead time at work it’s good for some simple pixel art.


With such amazing progression, it can’t be long until the game is out. If I work really, really hard the rest of the evening and hire super-fast power-robots from the future, the game should be out… TOMORROW! Stay tuned for orders!


Take care,






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