Welcome back to the delayed again series, the blog which presents the ideal time scheduling of video game development!


Because I am applying to the Futuregames game design program this autumn (see below), the game has to be delayed until tomorrow. However, I have continued to work on the tileset, which is a promising progress!


After taking care of the elderly for about 12 years, I finally decided to apply to higher education video game development programs. Some schools I have applied to are in cities quite far from mine, Skövde and Malmö, but there are also some in Stockholm which I hope I will be accepted to. One of them is Futuregames, the school which I have most expectations of:



Last month, I was at a three week preparatory course there, which helped me understand the video game industry a bit more and to prepare a work sample. During these weeks, I made a simple Marble Madness clone in the Unreal Engine, a video about it and a design document about The Viking & The Ninja.

The Marble Madness clone used some blueprints, a visual scripting system of the Unreal Engine. The blueprints can be used for almost anything. In my case I made moving platforms (see video screenshot below), change of ball physics, killzones and other things.


My portfolio mostly showed the work I have done for WaterMelon, and so did also my curriculum vitae. The school put a lot of emphasis on past experiences, team work, visualization of your ability to design and the technical aspect. I’m not very skilled at the latter, but I hope my strengths in the other areas are enough to get accepted.


And two days ago, I managed to get to the second step of the selection progress. Out of around 500 applicants, I managed to be one of 130 to do a test in preparation for the final interview. The test was mostly about previous work, how to handle stress, team work etc. Things I am very used to. In a few days, I’ll know when the interview will be.  And in early July, I’ll know if I am accepted or not.


Take care,





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