Hi again!


Yesterday, I was at the only true arcade of Stockholm, avoiding my responsibility of video game development like some kind of delinquent. Due to this morally wrong behaviour, the game has to be delayed until tomorrow. Sorry!


However, despite this, I did finish up not only a sprite today, but also its animation, which consists of 19 frames. Wow!


Anyway, the time at the arcade, which is called “HEY STHLM”, was nice. They had a lot of Sega games, such as OutRun 2 and Virtua Cop 3, which I played.



I have been there a few times before and beaten the Rambo game, also by Sega and based on the movies. Star Wars Racer, Tekken Tag, Pacman, Street Fighter 4 as well as 3 are also there. Then there are lots of weird “physical” games of overly cute Japanese themes, modern bullet hell shmups, pinball machines and other things..



It’s a great place and I am so happy to have it in Stockholm, because playing an arcade game cannot be compared to console games at home.

Take care,






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