Hi again!


After several days of hard work the game is… NOT finished! In fact, I have to delay it until tomorrow. Though I have to say the progress with sprites and the tileset have been going really well.
To make up for this delay, I’ll present to you my first video game embroidery, which is based on Erwin in Langrisser II. I decided to make an embroidery after I some associates of mine were doing pearler beads based on pixel art. I wanted to do something similar, and somehow I stumbled across embroideries, which by cross-stitches creates squares like the pixels in pixel art.


To do it, I took a screenshot of the pixel art in question from the game using an emulator. Then I checked what colours I needed and bought yarns and a cloth. Then I started stitching. I did it at home, and at work when I walked around between the apartments of the seniors I took care of. I had the screenshot on my smartphone so I could check how to stitch anytime. A lot of elderly women were impressed and invited me to their homes to check their embroideries. And sometimes I got yarns and needles from them. I photographed my progress every day and put it on Facebook. After about four months, the embroidery was done, and I had it framed and bought a lamp to it. It is still hanging on my wall, four years later. The year after, I made another embroidery.


Here is my video presenting my very first video game embroidery:


But why did I pick Langrisser II as the game to base my embroidery on? We’ll talk about that another day…
Take care,




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