Due to being at the half hour interview for the video game education I am applying to, the game has to be delayed until tomorrow. But at least the interview went well!


In addition to the interview at Futuregames, I also got called for another interview for another video game education – The Game Assembly in Malmö. That’s a bit far away, I’ll ask for a Skype interview. For that education, I made a test, which consisted of designing a Zelda III dungeon, using the Tiled program I mentioned before. Here it is:


The first floor mainly introduces the player to various elements of the dungeon. It is straight ahead and the player doesn’t need to look for stuff with effort. The player can find keys, push blocks and find buttons to press in a closed environment which lets the player realize this easily, as there is pretty much nothing else to do there.


The second floor ups the ante a bit, with a non-linear design, and some minimal puzzles, as well as tougher enemies to tackle. To find the key to the door at the bottom left, the player will get a hint outside it – the bottom right block is a light. In the other room, the player can push the corresponding block to find the key to the door. In the second room, the player has to defeat all the enemies to open the door. And in the third room, the player has to also defeat enemies, push blocks and buttons to get ahead. It is all the next step after the last floor and a bit harder to give the player some challenge.


The last room is the boss room. Here, I had two ideas. The player cannot harm the boss by the sword, so by pushing the buttons, the player can instead move the spike thing to harm the boss with. The upper button moves the spike thing up and vice versa.

The other idea is that the buttons put pots on the darker blue spots, as well as maybe one or two minor enemies. The player can then attack the boss with the pot.


Seeing as I got to the interview process for this dungeon design (as well as my portfolio and CV), I think they liked it.


In other news, I realize I’ve actually worked on The Viking & The Ninja project for over a year now. And since starting drawing sometime last autumn, I’ve completed around half of the non-animated graphics. The last few days, I completed a cutscene and a sprite, and now I work on more sprites for the dungeons (treasure chests, stairs etc.) Let’s celebrate with a sprite!


Fish for blog.png


Also, the entire team (which is me), would like to thank Tommy for becoming the first follower of this blog! Thanks, Tommy!


That’s all for now!

Take care,






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