The summer is coming, but the game is not. It has to be delayed until tomorrow. Sorry about that. Since the last post, I’ve finished a few more sprites and refined the game document a bit.



To make up for it, I’d like to talk a bit about Sega-16. It is a great site dedicated to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, and more recently also the Master System and the Game Gear. The site has hundreds of reviews and features about the console(s). They are mostly highly informative, especially the many interviews with developers from back in the day.

But perhaps the best part of the site is the forum, where I’ve been a regular for over 10 years. The members have a lot of knowledge which they gladly share in the discussions. There are some heated debates every now and then as well, and I find it quite amusing to read some insults. Nobody is perfect anyway – some people are dumb, some people insult dumb people and then there is me who laughs at jnsults.

Actually, it was thanks to Sega-16 I became a video game developer. Because I was a writer on the site for a few years. Some of these texts probably need to be revised or removed entirely as my writing skills were quite limited back then, but that’s a matter for another day.

Sometime in the last decade, a guy called Fonzie Voltnov showed up on the forum and talked about his then upcoming Mega Cart, a cartridge which makes the Mega-CD region free. I thought it was a Nigeria letter, but later Fonzie proved to be more than a Nigerian prince.  I bought the Mega Cart and still use it to this day whenever I need to play an import game on my Mega-CD. Fonzie came back to the forum disappointed with having no reviews of the thing seen. That made me write one, and I also made an interview with him. In this interview, Fonzie mentioned Tavern RPG, the project which would later become Pier Solar and the Great Architects. A member of the forum, 108 Stars (also known as Daniel), saw this and contacted Fonzie. He became a graphics artist of the team. The team struggled with the project, and needed more members. As he knew me, he suggested I should interview the team like I had interviewed Fonzie. So I did. And not much later, the team still needed more members (they always needed), so Daniel approached me and asked me to join the team too.
So I did that too, and I stayed with it until the game was released. I’ve since also worked on several other projects for WaterMelon, as the team later got named into. Maybe I’ll talk about them in another post, another day.

I haven’t written anything for Sega-16 since last year, maybe I should do that too. But that would delay the game project even more!


Take care,






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