Hello there!


After a long and serious talk with my good friend and colleague Tulio, he taught me the virtue of setting realistic deadlines and completing projects within them. So this time, instead of delaying the game until tomorrow, I’ll have to postpone it to next week. Sorry! To make up for it, I’ll just mention I’ve completed a few more sprites for the project and will talk here about my relation to Tulio.


Tulio is great. He was the creator and founder of WaterMelon, the company we worked on when developing Pier Solar. Like most people who worked on the game, he is a multi-talented genius. His fields are music and programming, but he also does other things like story writing, organizing etc. My tasks rarely crisscrossed his, but we did some scripting together for NPCs, and when it came to testing my reports were sent to him.


A few years after the Mega Drive version was completed, I visited Tulio in Muscatine, Iowa.  I also met Phyu, Tulio’s wife and story writer of Pier Solar, and Fonzie too. We worked on the HD version of Pier Solar then, and some other stuff. Here are a couple of photos taken at the WaterMelon office:




Even later, Tulio left WaterMelon to start a new video game company, 2Dream.




2Dream has a few interesting projects going on, and I’m involved in at least one of them. But that’s a matter for another blog post.


Take care,




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