It all began with a gigantic explosion. Fast forward a few billion years and the project is delayed yet again. The main reason this time is I had to celebrate my birthday. So the release date is pushed back to tomorrow. Sorry about that.


But at least a lot of things have happened since the last blog post. First and foremost, I got accepted to the Future Games video game design program. Woot! I will begin in September. Until then, I will practice using the Unreal Engine.


On the project, I have completed a few sprites, began working on the title screen and also made a logo for the company I’m going to start-up for the sake of the project. The name will be revealed later. I don’t know what else to add. To make up for it, I’ll show you an item icon. I haven’t shown one before, so this should be nice. I just hope it doesn’t spoil too much. It’s a pack of Fries, a healing item of the game, much like in ToeJam & Earl. Behold!



I’d like to welcome two new followers of my blog. The first one is BlookUp, which seems to have a service to make your blog or Facebook posts into a book. The second one is Sega Dude, which has a video game collection blog. I have been lurking the latter for quite some time, but now I am also a follower. He has written quite a bit about Pier Solar and other WaterMelon stuff, which is much appreciated! I suggest you check it out: the blog is stylish, well-written and has tons of content for you to enjoy.


Since I had not one but TWO new followers, I decided to be extra nice today and show another item icon. Wow!



It’s a beer, a drink you can drink in the game. I personally hate beer, but the characters in the game love it.
That’s all for now!
Take care,




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