Due to me slacking off at vacation, the game has to be delayed until tomorrow. Sorry about that! At least the vacation ends in two days, so I have even less time to work on the game.


Wait – scratch that! I haven’t been slacking off. In fact, I’ve worked on the title screen for several weeks. And it is finally finished. It will be something special. Maybe not as technically impressive as the title screen of Vectorman, or as timely animated as Chuck Rock, but it will really present the game in the most uniting way possible. I’ll show you when the game is done.

Other than that, I have also worked a bit on weapon animations while riding the bus or subway train.


Now I need to continue doing tilesets. There aren’t very many left, just a few more than half actually, and some are variations with mostly the same tiles as others. I start all tilesets by planning what I need to have in them. Then I make the palettes. And after that I start drawing, usually editing the palettes and adding stuff needed in the tileset, as work goes on. Here are the palettes of the tileset I am about to start drawing:


Each row is for one of the two background layers. As you can see, the most left colour is the same pink on both rows. This is the colour for transparency, which is necessary if you want to draw tiles which aren’t 16×16 pixels of full colour. Another thing to note is that there are no greyscale or blue tones in these palettes. But that’s OK, as those colours can be found in the main sprite palette, and the Mega Drive is so great it can use any palette for either sprites or background tiles.


On another note, I have slowly started to plan another project. Crazy, I know, as I already have this project and am about to start school. But I couldn’t help it, as the ideas ran into my head, so I needed to type them down. For this project, I want to create a dungeon crawler set in a high fantasy world, with epic story telling and its mythology based on the Nordic one. My love for Shining in the Darkness has spurred me into this, but I assure you this project will have enough differences to stand on its own. Perhaps I’ll tell more about this in a future post. I probably will, come to think of it, after tomorrow’s release.


See you and take care!


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