Delayed again 16


Due to me marathon watching the first six seasons of Game of Thrones (and those episodes which have been released of the seventh), the game has to be delayed until tomorrow. Sorry about that! By the way, Game of Thrones is awesome, you should watch it if you don’t.

But on the plus side, I have completed three enemies and the graphics pack I was talking about. Graphic packs are a PITA to work on sometimes, but when I’m done with one of them, it feels like this:


Since it’s been so long since the last blog, I’ll be extra generous today and post not one, but TWO tiles from the last graphics pack (tileset). Enjoy!



Yes, it’s a wooden stick. You can find plenty of those in forests, such as those in the game. It’s made of two 16×16 pixel tiles.


In a few weeks, school starts. Wish me luck. But first, the game release tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Winter is coming!


Take care,