Delayed again 18


Another month has passed, and the game still isn’t out. It’s because I worked on the first game project in school, and we actually finished it in two weeks! Wow! The mission was to make a multiplayer sports game which combined two sports. Me, three other designers and five graphic artists decided to mix golf with dodgeball.

I worked mostly on the UI and did some other things, like the random spawning of the powerup.

Here is the trailer:


The seven other teams of my and the 3D class made games based on sumo wrestling combined with archery, racing combined with spear throwing and many other crazy concepts.


About my project. It has to be delayed until tomorrow, because I haven’t eaten any dinner yet and it’s over 10 PM. But since the last update, I have made 7 sprites, 2 tileset variations (just a few tiles removed and some new added), 1 portrait and a pixel art version of the logo for my upcoming company. Right now, I’m working on another sprite, actually the final boss!


Until next time!


Take care!