Delayed again 21

Hello again,


Sorry for the long absence. School was rather hectic in both December and January. It still is. Hope you all had a great holiday and was able to rest up and spend time with your loved ones. I sure did. Which is the reason the game is delayed until tomorrow. Sorry about that!


We had a very interesting course in school in December. It was about game design, and our assigment, as a group of six, was to make a board game. We could borrow art from other places. Other than that, we had to make a board, print rules and make sure all game pieces were included with the game. We had 2½ weeks on it, and only a few lectures here and there.

Our group had some problems. First, we couldn’t decide what kind of game to do. We initially tried to make a board game version of Playerunknown’s Battleground, and made a paper prototype of it. But it didn’t work. Also, around half the group was sick most of the time. So with only 1½ week left, I came up with an small scoped idea, a simple “move from beginning to end” game with pick up cards.


The team, or at least what was left of it, liked it so we proceeded and we named it “Powerglass”. The setting was time travel and the gameplay centered around moving both forward and backward in time and on the board with time cards. These ranged from 6 to minus 3 and were used once per round. You also had your pick up cards which you could use for various occasions, such as preventing yourself going into a timewarp which teleport you back in time, or prevent an opponent from using a +6 time card. There were also some places on the board which triggered event cards, which could be either good or bad.


On this game, I designed most of the gameplay and wrote the flavor text on the cards. I aimed to make funny cards with non-sensical events, such as viking ships with turbo engines made by Russian scientists, leather shields blocking any attack and meta humour about our school. One team mate made the board, another one made the card design (based on Magic The Gathering). We were very satisfied with the result and it seemed like the jury liked it as well. In hindsight, we should have tested the game more, because it was a bit unbalanced with too many negative time cards for example. With half the team sick, it was hard to manage that though. We have not yet been graded for the game, however. I hope we get a good grade.



For the project, I have done a lot since last time, but am too tired to count it all. Let’s just say I finished most of the sprites and have now moved on to animations. I am also working on a cutscene which takes FOREVER! Hopefully, it is done tomorrow.


Take care,